We match ambitious Finance & Accounting professionals to awesome companies!

Whether you’re actively job hunting or discreetly waiting for your next big career move, we’re here to help you reach your career goals.

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We’re trusted by hiring managers and candidates at some of South Africa’s best employers… from scaling fintechs to large corporations!

Why you’ll love working with Snatch!

Putting you first: your goals, your values, and your vision for an amazing future career. Work with a team of Recruiters that understand the Accounting and Finance industry.

We prioritise your career goals & values

Instead of matching you with whatever’s available, we take the time to match you with specific opportunities that align with your career aspirations.

We’re discreet about your job search status

We’ll never send your CV to a client before checking in with you first, and if it aligns with your ideal career move.

We’re more “Accountants” than “Recruiters”

Work with a team who understands your experience, can speak the language, and accurately assess whether or not an opportunity is right for you.

You’ll never feel pushed or pressured

Everything we do is in your best interest, which means if an opportunity doesn’t feel right, you’ll never be encouraged to accept it.

Reliable communication throughout the process

Know exactly what’s happening and with check-ins and progress updates. You can also reach us anytime via email and WhatsApp.

Passive job seekers waiting for big opportunities

Let us know what your ideal next opportunity looks like! If something amazing pops up, we’ll be sure to contact you with exciting opportunities.

Navigate the process with reliable market data

We’ll help you navigate the process with up to date market related salaries, trends and other data insights to help position you.

Access opportunities that never get posted…

Leverage our network and gain access to exclusive career opportunities that employers never post to job boards or run with other recruitment firms.

Find your dream job

Apply today and if there’s a fit, our team will give you a call to discuss your needs, goals, and potential opportunities that may be right for you.